My pool has been removed

When a swimming pool is removed, the City requires written notification and evidence of removal.

Notify the City in writing via one of the following methods:

  • e-mail to; or
  • by post to Locked Bag 1, Busselton WA 6280

Be sure to include:

  • the property address of where the pool was located;
  • approximately when it was removed; and
  • if possible, ‘before and after’ photos. If you cannot provide photos, the City may be able to verify via aerial photography or by an undertaking an inspection.

Once the removal has been verified, the pool will be taken off the 4-yearly inspections list and the charge removed from future rates notices.

If you have a concrete pool that cannot be removed for structural reasons, but you no longer wish to use it as a pool, it must be decommissioned to the point where it can no longer hold water.