My pool is now installed

Upon completion of a swimming pool, a Notice of Completion form, accompanied by a Pool Safety Inspection Certificate, must be submitted to the City. Further information on each form is below. Completed forms can be returned to the City via one of the following methods:

Notice of Completion

Whenever a swimming pool and / or barrier has been completed, a BA7 Notice of Completion form is required. The person named as the Builder on the Building Permit for the pool barrier is responsible for submitting this, within 7 days of the pool being completed This form must be accompanied by a Pool Safety Inspection Certificate, if it has not already been arranged with the City.

Pool Safety Inspection Certificate

An authorised officer from the City of Busselton can undertake the initial inspection and provide a Pool Safety Inspection Certificate. This can be done by completing the Request for Pool Certification Service form below. The current fee is $177. Once the fee has been paid, you will be contacted to arrange an inspection time, if you haven't already indicated that any time is ok.

It is preferred that the City undertakes the initial inspection as the City will be responsible for all future inspections, however you may engage a private certifier to undertake the initial inspection.