City and Town Centres Planning


Creating a great place to live, work and play is a continuous process of re-invention.

The City of Busselton strives to create vibrant, active and sustainable urban centres that contribute to our sense of place and community identity, and support visitation and local business growth. This reflects the feedback of our community and those objectives adopted in our Strategic Community Plan 2017, which was developed to reflect the input from over 665 local residents involved in this process.

There is a wide range of ways that we can work towards achieving our aspirations for our City and Town centres, and the shared contributions of  landowners, building proprietors, business owners and operators, residents and visitors alike will support the City in realising its vision.

Strategic Planning Initiatives

The City of Busselton has recently been seeking to implement a range of strategic planning initiatives, including those identified through the strategic planning framework, designed to provide for the growth and development of the Busselton City Centre and Dunsborough Town Centre. These initiatives have been guided spatially by the Busselton City Centre Conceptual Plan and the Dunsborough Town Centre Conceptual Plan adopted by the Council in 2014 (see links at the bottom of this page).

Recent and ongoing strategic planning initiatives includes:

  • Annual streetscape improvement program across the two centres.
  • Redevelopment of Lions Park in the Dunsborough Town Centre, pending redevelopment of Mitchell Park in the Busselton City Centre.
  • Partnership with the local Chambers of Commerce to understand and support business needs.
  • Partnership with community groups such as the Hannay Lane Enhancement Group in Dunsborough.
  • Proactive planning for the provision and management of car and special purpose vehicle parking (see current parking maps here).
  • Development of improved pedestrian and cycle networks and infrastructure.
  • Preparation and review of urban design guidelines  and delivery of a façade improvement grants program to deliver high quality, attractive urban form.
  • Development of an urban art policy in addition to requiring developer contributions for public art.
  • Ongoing work on an activation program for the Busselton Cultural Precinct.
  • Development of a Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy.
  • Review and management of the City’s land assets to maximise community benefit, including investigations into strategic land acquisitions and disposals aimed at ensuring that future community needs are met in a timely and effective way.
  • Economic development programs, including investment in marketing and events to support visitor and tourism growth, supporting the establishment of a university campus, and place making/activation initiatives.


Further staged streetscape improvements are proposed for the Dunsborough town centre in 2020. These upgrades will provide for better pedestrian accessibility, attractive landscaping, green spaces and alfresco dining, and improved traffic management.

Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Local Planning Scheme 21

In addition to the above initiatives, Amendment No. 1 to LSP21 provided for a range of modifications to planning guidelines and controls that will support new and improved opportunities for investment in both centres, including:

  • Improved zoning provisions and incentives to encourage and support mixed-use development.
  • Greater opportunities for the managed expansion of our centres by introducing the ability for low-key commercial land uses to be developed in identified residential areas immediately adjoining each centre.
  • Increasing the availability of housing choice by providing a residential density coding over each town and city centre and increasing residential density for certain areas directly adjoining the Dunsborough Town Centre.

The recently endorsed Amendment No. 29 to LPS21 provides for improved development controls to deliver better urban design and land use outcomes, including:

  • Initiatives to address the integration of development with the streetscape, development function and aesthetics, and control and management of traffic;

  • Introduction of land uses such as ‘Night Club’ and ‘Small Bar’;

  • Greater controls for the development of drive-through facilities;

  • The prohibition of ‘Motor Vehicle Wash’ and ‘Service Station’ land uses in the Regional Centre and Centre zones.

Current Planning for Dunsborough

The City has commenced preparation of Activity Centre Plans for Busselton and Dunsborough. An Activity Centre Plan (ACP) is a Structure Plan that guides the coordination of the future subdivision, zoning and development of an ‘activity centre’, such as the Busselton City Centre.

For Busselton, the primary focus of the ACP shall be to provide guidance and direction for: better management and integration of traffic, parking, laneway and pedestrian opportunities; desirable urban form; the interface between private development and the public realm; and the most appropriate planning controls and incentives through which these can be provided.

For Dunsborough, the ACP shall provide a valuable means of addressing, as and where required:

  • Building designs, including provisions in relation to the desired streetscape type or development precinct in which construction or re-development is proposed, along with required standards for ‘vertical zoning’, setbacks, facades, frontages and vehicle crossovers.

  • Streetscape design, including goals and objectives for improvements to roads, parking, traffic management, public transport, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.

  • Community infrastructure, particularly the strategic management objectives for public open space and other land assets.

For further information, please contact the City’s Strategic Planning & Development department on 9781 0444.