Busselton & Dunsborough Centres Façade Refurbishment Subsidy Programme

The City is implementing initiatives to activate the Busselton and Dunsborough Town Centres.


The City recognises that building facades are substantial contributors to the perception and atmosphere of cities. The Busselton and Dunsborough Centres Façade Refurbishment Subsidy Programme was adopted in 2014 and aims to beautify the Town Centres, support local business owners and increase pedestrian foot traffic.

The Programme is available for preliminary designs, up to $5,000 in a grant, and reimbursement of eligible works up to $20,000 in a grant.


To be able to apply for the subsidy you must be:

  • Within the programme area (see Programme below for applicable areas);
  •  Apply for design or works considered ‘eligible works’ under the Programme; and
  • Submit a completed application form and supporting documents.

Eligible works

Works eligible for grant funding include:

  • Preliminary design work consistent with the Program Objectives;  
  • Infrastructure associated with alfresco areas, including canopies, furniture, bollards and windscreens, as part of an integrated design proposal consistent with the Program Objectives;  
  • Works consistent with a City approved Preliminary Design;  
  • Removal of opaque roller shutters/security grilles to be replaced with more appropriate transparent or inset behind shop display roller shutters;  
  • Works required, as a result of a building permit and compliance with disabled access in accordance with the Building Act 2011 and Building Regulations 2012;  
  • The modification or creation of windows which will provide interaction with the streetscape;  
  • Properties adjoining a laneway may apply for upgrade works for the visible portion from the streetscape; however these works are to complement façade works fronting the endorsed project area;  
  • Under awning lighting (excluding illuminated signage);  
  • Skinning of existing awning structure and fascia with new material; and  
  • Repair or replace awning structure.


Other conditions apply and are included in the Programme below. As part of your application you will be required to submit an Application Form and Checklist - please see the Checklist and Forms below.

Prospective applicants are required to contact the City on 9781 0444 to discuss their applications prior to submission.

The Busselton & Dunsborough Centres Façade Refurbishment Subsidy Programme will be entering its expression of interest period between 8 March 2017 and 8 April 2017.

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