Rural Numbering In Depth

All rural and rural residential properties in the City that have a residence, farm shed or commercial building on them have been given new Rural Property Street Addresses over the last couple of years.

The green signs with the reflective numbers have been placed alongside the entrance to each property/structure and the City has updated our records and advised Landgate (the State land agency). In addition Landgate has notified the Police and Fire Services, the Federal and State Electoral Commissions, Synergy Energy, Water Corporation, Alinta, Australia Post, Telstra, Main Roads WA and St John Ambulance on your behalf.

The new Rural Property Street Address is based on a distance to the entrance of your property/structure from the start of the road, with odd numbers on the left and even numbers on the right. For example, the number 327 refers to a property on the left side of the road 3.27 km from where the road begins and number 1026 refers to a property on the right side of the road 10.26 km from where the road begins.

The number becomes your property's street address/house number. It does not replace your lot number and your lot number is not your house number/street address. If you have separate entrances to different buildings on the property then all/each of them require an address. When an ambulance is looking for an injured person, it is most beneficial if the address provided actually matches the entrance to the accident scene (which may well be a shed etc).

If you have a rural property that has a residence, farm shed or commercial building on them but you don't have a rural number then please contact the City. You will need to provide your lot number and/or plan number, street, building type and your name and a contact number.

For further information please contact the GIS Department:

Business Systems Support Officer - GIS - (08) 9781 0444