Developer Contributions

Contributions to Community Infrastructure and Community Facilities

The careful planning and coordination of infrastructure is fundamental to the economic and social well-being of any community.  New urban development and redevelopment needs to ensure the cost-efficient provision of infrastructure and facilities - such as roads, public transport, water supply, sewerage, electricity, gas, telecommunications, drainage, open space, schools, health, community and recreation facilities.  All of these utilities and services greatly influence the standard of living, mobility and lifestyle choices of a community.

The City of Busselton recognises that certain developments create additional demands on the provision or extension/upgrading of local infrastructure and that where necessary a contribution to the upgrading of that infrastructure should be made which is proportional to the demand created. Policies to guide the Council’s decision making on when a contribution should be required and the monetary value/scope of the contribution, may be adopted under either the Local Government Act (1995) or as a Local Planning Policy under the Local Planning Scheme. Contributions are usually applied as a condition of planning consent issued after consideration of a development application. Generally, the contribution will be required to be paid prior to the City issuing a building licence for any building work associated with the planning consent, or at the time of clearance of conditions of a subdivision approval issued by the WA Planning Commission.

Development Contributions were previously referred to as Community Facilities Contributions and were adopted as a Local Planning Policy.  With the gazettal of Scheme Amendment No. 125 on 20 August 2013, these have now been brought into the Local Planning Scheme as Development Contribution Area 1 (DCA-1), however the precincts and contribution rates remain the same.  The Development Contribution Plan Report and Cost Apportionment Schedule sets out the Community Facitlies that the City will provide, and the method of calculating the charges.  Please find the Development Contributions Plan for Community Facilities in the related documents below.

Please see attached below Final Development Contribution Plan Report, Vasse Development Area Contributions Staging Plan, Yalyalup Developer Contributions and Staging Plan, Port Geographe Developer Contributions Staging Plan, Dunsborough Lakes Estate Developer Contributions Staging Plan.  Developer Contribution Plans for areas of Old Broadwater Farm and Ambergate North will also soon be available. These Developer Contribution and Staging Plans (DCSP) applies to the residential portions of the Development Areas and Deferred Development Areas and deals with cost sharing arrangements and timing of the provisions of community infrastructure and facilities.

The following is a table of the standard developer contributions that may apply to your development or subdivision.
Please contact the City of Busselton Planning Department for Developer Contributions for the Port Geographe Area. 
(Please note that:
* most contributions are subject to periodic increase and are calculated at time of payment;
* only the most common contributions are listed; other contributions may apply to specific developments.)


Current Contribution
(Does not attract GST)

(Includes June 2020 Quarterly Index)

Charge per carpark by (Cash in Lieu) – subject to Local Government Cost Index (LGCI) Increase.
Refer Local Planning Policy Manual (Link Below)
Policy No. 8 - Provision No. 8A


Additional Contribution for Carparking in Dunsborough Enterprise Park


Road Upgrade & Construction Contributions

Road Upgrade for Bussell Highway Zone 4



Footpath & Dual-use Path Construction Contributions – Charge per lot.


Drainage Contributions

Determined on application

Special Area – Biddle Road South PrecinctContribution


Special Area – Biddle Road South Precinct

 Determined on application

Special Area – Biddle Road South Precinct Additional Lot Yield

 Determined on application

Development  Contribution Areas - Community Facilities


Precinct Contribution Rates (per Dwelling / Lot)








Dunsborough & Quindalup (Including Eagle Bay and Yallingup)


Rural Remainder


Developer Contributions Plans


Dunsborough Lakes Estate


Port Geographe

Please contact the City of Busselton Planning Department for Developer Contributions for the Port Geographe Area.



 Vasse Development Area


Old Broadwater Farm


Percent for Art


1% of Estimated Cost of Development
(Only applies to Developments in excess of $1 million dollars)

Refer Local Planning Policy Manual (Link Below)
Policy No. 6 - Provision No. 6B

Local Planning Policy Manual 

Click on the following link to see what contributions apply to your property on City's GIS on-line mapping.

GIS Online Mapping


It is also common practice for bonds to be imposed as a condition of planning consent.  Generally, if a planning consent contains conditions (eg a landscape plan to be submitted and implemented) that are required to be satisfied prior to a Permit to Use being issued by the City, then a bond will be required.  In the case of Extractive Industries there is generally a requirement for separate road maintenance, performance and dust bonds (Refer Policy No.5 - Provision No. 5A).

Further Information

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