Lodge / Track a planning application

Planning Application Forms

We strongly recommend that you review the Planning Checklists prior to completing the Development Application Forms listed below to ensure that the form is completed accurately and that all information required to process the application is submitted.

Electronic Lodgment of development applications

The City can now accept the lodgment of development applications via the email link below. The application will be registered and an invoice will be emailed with an option to pay the fees by BPay. Please note including a Credit Card Authorisation with your application may result in delays. Once payment has been received then the application will be processed. When completed a decision notice will be emailed back to the applicant.

At this stage file sizes are limited to 10MB so any larger than this, the plans will need to be emailed separately or processed the usual way through either the mail or via the front counter.

This will significantly reduce paper and the storage of hard files for the City along with the added bonus of what should be a quicker turnaround time for applications.