Planning Services FAQ

Q. Do I need Planning approval?

A. You will need to obtain a Planning Approval for the following common developments and land use types.

  • Grouped Dwellings (units / 2 or more dwellings)
  • Building Envelope modifications
  • Ancillary Dwelling (granny flat)
  • Aged or Dependent Person’s Dwelling
  • Single Bedroom Dwelling
  • Advertising Signs
  • Commercial / Business development or land use
  • Industrial development or land use
  • Extractive Industries / Mining
  • Business from Home
  • Change from one use to another (for example, from an office to a shop)

There are many other situations where planning approval may be required. If you are unsure if your proposal requires planning approval, or if your proposal does not fit within one of the above types, please contact the Planning Services department for assistance – 9781 1731