Subdivision Clearance

Within the prescribed period, the developer is required to request the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) approved the diagram or plan of survey of the subdivision, provided the conditions of the subdivision approval are fulfilled to the satisfaction of the WAPC.

The agency / authority (e.g. Western Power, Water Corporation) or Local Government noted in the brackets at the end of each condition is responsible to clear the relevant conditions and to provide a written advice to the applicant confirmation that the WAPC’s requirements outlined in the condition have been satisfied.

Where Local Government conditions are to be cleared by the City of Busselton, one copy of the following mandatory documents are required to be submitted:

  • Application for Subdivision Clearance Form
  • Application for Subdivision Clearance Check sheet
  • Application Fee
  • Diagram or Plan of Survey (deposited / strata plan)
  • WAPC Subdivision Approval
  • Staging Plan (if applicable)
  • Appendices (copies of undertakings, statutory declarations)

All other supporting information should be lodged separately to the relevant department, and signed off prior to the Application for Subdivision Clearance.