Heritage List and Local Heritage Survey (formerly Municipal Heritage I


Pursuant to Part 3 of Schedule 2 (Deemed Provisions) of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015, the City of Busselton has an adopted Heritage List to identify places of cultural heritage significance and worthy of conservation.  Places are considered for inclusion on the Heritage List under the provisions of the Regulations.

Landowners are required to seek planning approval from the City prior to development or demolition on any site identified on the Heritage List, and proposals will be assessed in accordance with Local Planning Policy 9A: Heritage Conservation.

Properties of high cultural heritage significance may also be included on the State Heritage Register which is administered by the State Heritage Office. More information may be obtained by contacting the State Heritage Office or vising the ‘inHerit’ online database.  

The City has prepared a draft Municipal Heritage Inventory (2013) to identify and record cultural heritage sites within the City, including places of cultural heritage significance protected under public ownership or management.  The MHI is a record of places only and approval requirements relate to places identified on the Heritage List only.

Pursuant to Part 8 of the Heritage Act 2018, the City is required to prepare and regularly review a Local Heritage Survey (previously called the MHI).  The LHS serves to assist the City in preparing a heritage list or list of heritage areas under the Local Planning Scheme. 

Following a review of the Local Planning Scheme, the City will consider a review of the LHS (draft MHI 2013); this will contribute to a review of the Heritage List.  Submissions of information to update and complete listings are welcomed by the City –your submission can help the City to build the LHS as a record of significant places and representation of our shared community history.

Please direct enquiries to the Planning Department on 9781 1731.