Local Planning Policies

Local Planning Polices complement the Local Planning Scheme and provide guidance to the City and to the public on interpreting legislation and making decisions on a range of town planning matters.

The Policies are designed to ensure a high quality of development is maintained through consistent decision making and the processing of development applications in a fair and equitable manner.

The facts and individual merits of a proposal must be considered in their own right, with the relevant policies being used as an aid to making the decision or recommendation.

Planning Policies should be read in conjunction with the Local Planning Scheme.

Policy ID Policy Title
LPP 1A Canal Lots 
LPP 1B Coastal Setbacks 
LPP 1C Single Dwelling Design 
LPP 1D Lots adjoining Public Open Space 
LPP 1E Grouped and Multiple Dwellings and Habitat 
LPP 1F Rear Loaded Lots 
LPP 1G Kalgaritch Estate 
LPP 1H Abbey Green Estate 
LPP 1I Private Jetties and Boat Lifting Structures 
LPP 1J Outbuildings 
LPP 2A Busselton Bypass Access Provisions 
LPP 2C Traffic Assessment 
LPP 3A Yallingup Special Character Area 
LPP 3B Eagle Bay Special Character Area 
LPP 3C Old Dunsborough Special Character Area 
LPP 3D Quindalup Special Character Area 
LPP 3E Adelaide Street Special Character Area 
LPP 3F Reflective Buildings Materials 
LPP 3G Caves Road Visual Management 
LPP 3H Outbuilding Assessment 
LPP 3I Busselton Bypass-Bussell Highway Setback and Buffers 
LPP 4B Port Geographe Village Centre 
LPP 4C Busselton Town Centre Design Guidelines 
LPP 5A Extractive Industries 
LPP 5B Rural Tourist Accommodation 
LPP 5C Relative Ancillary Accommodation 
LPP 5D Food and Wine Sales 
LPP 6B Percent for Art 
LPP 6C Mosquito Control Contribution 
LPP 6E Road Footpath and Cycle Network Upgrade Contributions 
LPP 6F Drainage Infill Contributions 
LPP 7A Childcare Premises 
LPP 7B Industrial Development 
LPP 7C Holiday Homes 
LPP 8A Car Parking 
LPP 8B Social Impact Statements 
LPP 8C Stormwater Management 

The Council has endorsed a number of other planning guidance documents and strategies which the City will also have regard to in the consideration of planning applications and proposals.