Disability Access & Inclusion Plan


The Western Australian Disability Services Act (1993) requires all local governments to develop a DAIP. The purpose of the DAIP is to provide strategic direction and framework for the City to plan and implement improvements to access and inclusion across seven outcome areas. The City’s DAIP has been prepared in accordance with these requirements, and reflects the City’s intention to partner with the community to achieve the improvements captured in the Plan.

The plan encompasses the thoughts, opinions and ideas from key stakeholders, City of Busselton DAIP Reference group and the community, collected in various workshops, open meetings and forums. The DAIP will assist the City to determine the strategies needed to enhance and promote services that facilitate opportunity and inclusion for people with a disability in our community.

The City will continue to explore and investigate opportunities to remove or reduce barriers to participation in a wide range of activities and functions, with the intention of making a difference in the quality of life for people with a disability who live, work and spend time in our community.


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