Disability Access & Inclusion Plan

The City of Busselton’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2014-2018 (DAIP) provides a planned approach to improving the physical access to services and facilities, as well as incorporating inclusion at a participatory and service level. Understanding that individuals have varied needs and expectations, the City has the resources and capabilities to make a difference on the quality of life of the people with disability, who live, work and spend time in our community. The amendments to the Disability Services Act (1993) in 2004, contain the requirement for Local Government Authorities to develop and implement a DAIP that will further both the principles and the objectives of the Act. This plan will assist the City to determine the strategies needed to enhance and promote services that facilitate increased independence, opportunities and inclusion for people with a disability in our community.

The Western Australian Disability Services Act (1993) requires that local governments develop a DAIP in accordance with the format prescribed in the Act and subsidiary regulations. The City’s DAIP has been prepared in accordance with these requirements, and reflects recent amendments to this legislation introducing a new outcome area relating to employment. This plan details the City’s commitment to improving the accessibility of its facilities and services for people with disability, in accordance with the requirements of the Western Australian Disability Services Act (1993).

The City has the opportunity to remove or reduce barriers to participation in a wide range of activities and functions of a community and make information, services and facilities accessible to all where possible.

Copies of this plan in an alternative format can be provided by the City upon request. Please contact the City’s Community Development Officer in any of the following ways:

Post: Locked Bag 1 - 2 Southern Drive, Busselton WA 6280
Phone: (08) 9781 0444
Fax: (08) 9752 4958