Public Art

Public art contributes to the vibrancy and excitement of community spaces and whether an artwork is admired or not, it stimulates thought and discussion, and introduces people to discuss and engage with ideas and concepts.

The City of Busselton engages with and encourages community members and organisations in the development and acquisition of Public Artworks that reflect the cultures and lifestyles of the people who live here and which will create vibrancy and dynamics to a public space.

The principles of the City of Busselton Public Art Policy are to:

  • promote civic, community and cultural identity by introducing public art which makes streets, open spaces and buildings more locally distinctive;
  • enhance the sense of place by encouraging public  art forms which reinforce and highlight early settlement and Aboriginal history, cultural heritage and contemporary life;
  • encourage community reflection, inspiration, celebration and well-being;
  • improve visual amenity and the appearance of places by using public art to screen unattractive views and add interest;
  • support regional art production where possible by contracting locally-based artists to create artworks;
  • encourage the use of a diverse range of traditional and contemporary media and technologies; and
  • recognise the importance of the role of art in public places.
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