Busselton Jetty

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The Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory is one of Western Australia's most popular eco-tourism icons. Allowing you to descend eight metres below sea level to view an amazing marine world of schooling fish and tropical coral, the Underwater Observatory is a favourite with people of all ages!

With about 400,000 visitors to the Jetty each year, why not spend a few hours yourself to soak up the unique atmosphere and “be touched by nature”.

For more information about the Busselton Jetty or Under Water Observatory, please go to Busselton Jetty


Busselton Jetty Marine Berthing Platform

Notice of proposed Fees and Charges for Commercial Vessels

On 27 April 2016, Council resolved to endorse proposed fees and charges for commercial use of the new berthing platforms recently installed at the Busselton Jetty.

The platforms have been constructed with the assistance of a Federal Government Tourism Development Grant to support the development of marine-based tourism at Busselton.

The berthing platforms are managed and maintained by the City on a cost-recovery basis and are allocated to marine based tourist operators on a seasonal basis by the issuing of a permit in accordance with the Busselton Jetties Local Law. The issuing of permits to berth at the platforms is at the absolute discretion of the City after careful assessment and based on merit and quality customer oriented management.

Vessel owners wishing to apply for a permit must contact the City at city@busselton.wa.gov.au

All revenue raised from the proposed fees will be used to maintain the facilities. 

Commercial vessels*

Duration of Permit

Registered length of vessel (metres)

Monthly $ (ex GST)

Annual $ (ex GST)

$ Refundable Bond*

0 < 10




10 < 15




15 < 25




Over 25




Note 1:

Application Fee: $ 70.00 (ex GST) is payable on each application (in addition to insurance requirements)

Note 2:

Permit Fee payable in advance of the issue of Notice of Approval

*Cruise ship tender vessels excluded (subject to a review)

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