Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicles that are left in the streets or on local government property for a period exceeding 24 hours may be considered abandoned and/or causing an obstruction and be liable for impounding by the City of Busselton.

Reports of abandoned vehicles on the following Main Roads WA (MRWA) roads should be reported directly to MRWA via email enquiries@mainroads.wa.gov.au or phone 138 138:

  • Bussell Highway (Bunbury to Causeway Road, and Busselton/Caves Road to Augusta)
  • Busselton Bypass
  • Caves Road
  • Sues Road
  • Vasse Highway

Impounding Vehicles

For all other roads and local government property, please contact the City's Ranger Services via email city@busselton.wa.gov.au or phone 9781 0444.

Rangers will make all efforts to identify and contact the last known registered owner of the vehicle. If the last owner cannot be identified or contacted, or fails to remove the vehicle, the City may impound it.

Impounded vehicles will be stored at the City's impound facility for a period of 60 days after which they may be disposed of lawfully by the City.

Please note, vehicles deemed by the City to be an abandoned vehicle wreck under the Local Government Act 1995 may be disposed of before 60 days have elapsed.

Recovery of Impounded Vehicles

To claim an impounded vehicle the owner should contact Ranger Services on 9781 0444 during business hours.

Proof of identity and ownership (registration papers) must be produced.

The City will not release impounded vehicles until the owner has paid all associated fees including towing and impound charges.