Cat Information

The Cat Act 2011

The Act was introduced by the State Government with the aim of encouraging responsible pet ownership and reducing the number of unwanted cats across Western Australia.

From 1 November 2013, under the Act, owners of cats (over the age of 6 months) must ensure they have their feline pets:

  • Micro-chipped, wearing a collar and registration tags - for identification purposes if the animal becomes lost or injured
  • Sterilised – unless being used for breeding purposes by an approved breeder
  • Registered – with the Local Government (see below)

Rangers are authorised to enforce this legislation and fines will apply to owners who do not comply.

Cat Registration

All cats over the age of six months must be registered within the Council in which they normally reside. Registrations are due on the first of November each year and are current for either one or three years or the life of the cat. Registration helps you to recover your cat if lost and assists the City to encourage responsible cat ownership. A person under 18 years of age may not lawfully register a cat in his or her name. The cat must be registered by a parent or another adult who will then be regarded as the lawful owner.

Should you move within the State of WA, you do not have to re-register your cat, but the change of address must be given to the City where the cat was previously registered. You can also transfer the registration of your cat to your new council free of charge.

The City is concerned at the increasing incidents of cats roaming at large, harassing wildlife and creating a traffic hazard. Your co-operation is requested to help eliminate this nuisance. All cats must be contained on their own property at all times, this can be achieved by either keeping your cat inside or building a cat run on the property so the cat can have access to the house and your back yard.



1 Year

3 Years







If you supply a current Pensioner Concession Card, the registration fees are ½ the normal cost.

NOTE: There is no provision for the refund of cat registration fee’s.

For further information regarding the Cat Act 2011 please contact the Department of Local Government either via their website or by telephoning (08) 6551 8700.

Identification Tags

When you register your cat, you will receive a plastic tag with the name of your council and a registration number printed on it. This tag must be attached to the collar of your cat. Your name and correct residential address must also be inscribed on or attached to a collar. This will allow for quick identification of the cat and prompt notification of its location.

Responsible cat ownership checklist

  • Register your cat with your Local Council.
  • Microchip your cat.
  • Sterilise your cat.
  • Ensure your cat is easily identifiable by wearing a collar with name tag and current registration tag.
  • Vaccinate your cat.
  • Keep your cat confined to your property at all times.
  • Ensure your cat has a cosy sleeping area with food, water and a litter tray.
  • Ensure your and your cat’s details are kept up to date with the Local Council and Microchip Registry.