Lost/Found Animals and the Animal Care Facility (Pound)

Lost and Found Animals

If you have lost a pet, in the first instance please check the Impounded Animal Register to see if it has been impounded by Rangers. If you do not see your pet on this list, please contact Rangers on 9781 0444 to report it as missing and we will add your details to our Lost Animals Register. This may assist to reunite you with your pet if it is handed in to Rangers.

Please also contact Rangers on 9781 0444 if you have found a pet so that we can assist to reunite it with its owner.

If Rangers are able to identify an animal through its registration and/or microchip details, or a name tag we will seek to return your pet to you without impounding it. If however, your pet is not able to be identified or we cannot get in touch with you, your animal will be impounded and you will be required to pay an impound and sustenance fee.

The City will not generally return cats, whether identified or not, that have been given to us by residents after being trapped on private property. Cat owners are strongly encouraged to take steps to contain their cats to their own premises.

Rangers may also impound an animal where there is prior history of the owner failing to adequately contain or care for their pet.

Impound Fees

The City is able to claim fees from the owner of an animal to cover all reasonable costs associated with impounding the animal, including sustenance fees. Impound and sustenance fees are set in the City’s Adopted Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Fees for the current financial year are:

  • $185 for the first *three days (including sustenance for the first three days)
  • $31 daily sustenance fee for each day thereafter

* The full impound fee is payable regardless of whether an animal is claimed any time prior to the expiry of the third day.

How to Claim an Impounded Animal

To claim an impounded animal please contact Rangers on 9781 0444 or visit the City’s main reception at 2 Southern Drive, Busselton.

Prior to release of your animal you will need to:

  • Provide proof of ownership (e.g. registration or microchip documents, a statutory declaration)
  • Pay in full all impound and sustenance fees (and if applicable registration fees)

If your animal is not already registered you will also be required to register it before it is released. Prior to registration your animal will need to be microchipped (dogs and cats) and sterilised (cats). Where microchipping and/or sterilisation is required the City will accept a receipt from a registered veterinary practice that you have paid for a microchip and/or sterilisation, and that an appointment has been made for your animal to undergo the procedure.

During business hours, all fees and charges, including registration costs are to be paid at the City’s main reception at 2 Southern Drive, Busselton.

On weekends or public holidays these fees and charges may be paid at the Animal Care Facility. Please note, there are no EFTPOS facilities available at the Animal Care Facility and Rangers do not carry change, as such you will be required to pay the exact amount in cash at the time of collection.

Animal Care Facility (Pound)

The City’s Animal Care Facility (Pound) is located in Queen Elizabeth Drive behind the Lions Shed.

Hours of operation are Monday to Friday (except public holidays) 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm.

Please ensure you pay all fees and charges before going to the Animal Care Facility to collect your pet (weekends and public holidays by appointment), your animal will not be released if you have not paid the associated fees.