Straying Livestock

Reports of Straying Livestock

Livestock straying onto public roads presents a significant risk to road users, particularly at night. Livestock includes cows, calves, sheep, goats, horses and any other domesticated farm animals. Livestock does not include dogs, cats or wildlife.

To report livestock straying on public roads please contact the City’s Rangers on 9781 0444.

Livestock Owner's Responsibilities

It is an offence for the owner of livestock to permit the livestock to stray or to depasture on public land including roads.

Owners of livestock may be liable for any damage or injuries caused by their livestock if they are permitted to stray, they may also be subject to prosecution. They should therefore, take all necessary steps to prevent their livestock from straying by ensuring their livestock is securely contained by means of adequate fencing and gates, and that fences and gates are regularly checked, repaired and maintained.