Illegal Camping

Under the Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Act 1995, it is an offence to camp, other than in a registered Caravan Park or Camping Ground. "Camp" is defined as meaning any portable shed or hut, tent, tent fly, awning, blind or any other portable thing used as, or capable of being used for, habitation and includes a vehicle of a prescribed type or in a prescribed circumstance.

Camping or sleeping in your vehicle/caravan overnight in the City of Busselton is not permitted unless you are using a caravan park. This includes all State or National Parks, local reserves, beaches, road sides and car parks. Every person in a vehicle caught camping may be given a $100 penalty.

There are many caravan parks available all year round. It is recommended that you book ahead with your travel plans so that you are not caught without accommodation on arrival. Just a few of the caravan parks/camping grounds are listed below:

Amblin Caravan Park
9755 4079

Kookaburra Caravan Park
9752 1516

Busselton Villas & Caravan Parks
9752 1175

Lazy Days Caravan Park
9752 1780

Mandalay Holiday Resort
1800 248 231 

Four Seasons Holiday Park 
9755 4082

Geographe Bay Holiday Park
9752 4396

Acacia Caravan Park
9755 4034

Big 4 Beachlands Holiday Park
9752 2107

Busselton Holiday Village
9752 4499 

RAC Busselton Holiday Park 
9755 4241

Sandy Bay Holiday Park
9752 2003

Caves Caravan Park
9755 2196

Yallingup Beach Holiday Park 
1800 220 002

Dunsborough Lakes Holiday Resort
9756 8300