Litter and Illegal Dumping

Litter Prevention

“Littering and illegal dumping of waste can have serious environmental, social and economic effects, including reduced visual amenity, harm to our (marine) and wildlife and even bushfires. Litter can undermine the spirit of a community, destroying the sense of pride and personal ownership that people take in their local area. Litter attracts litter and a littered site can quickly become an area for other forms of petty crime such as graffiti and vandalism.

The cost of cleaning up litter and illegally dumped waste is borne by the community, with governments (including local government) spending many millions of dollars each year”. 

Reproduced from the Foreword to A Litter Prevention Strategy for Western Australia 2015-2020 prepared by KABWA, which recognises that a litter free Western Australia is a shared responsibility.

Keep Australia Beautiful Council WA

Keep Australia Beautiful WA (KABWA) provides leadership in the field of litter prevention and reduction in Western Australia. Through community awareness and engagement, education, legislation and enforcement strategies, KABWA works to change the attitudes and behaviours of the community and strives for a litter-free WA.

The KABWA website provides information on how you can get involved including:

KABWA also provides information on Campaigns aimed at promoting the anti-litter message; and access to litter prevention Resources in support of individuals, community groups, schools and businesses.

Litter Reporting App

Download the Smartphone App to register as a Litter Reporter and to submit litter reports.

Illegal Dumping

The City’s Rangers can only infringe or prosecute an offence where they have sufficient evidence and are able to identify the person or person(s) responsible. If you observe someone dumping waste on public land please contact the City on 9781 0444 or via email to report it.

Where possible, please provide the following:

  • Description of the type of waste dumped
  • Date, time and place the offence was committed
  • Description of the offender(s)
  • Vehicle registration details
  • Make, model and colour of the vehicle
  • Photographic or video evidence of the offence

Whilst the City treats reports of illegal dumping confidentially and will do everything to maintain the anonymity of the person reporting the alleged offence, should the matter proceed to Court our ability to prove the offence may depend on the witness testimony of the person who made the initial report.