Youth Activities and Services

The City of Busselton is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia. With a population of 6395 youth between the ages of 10-24 in 2016 we have grown by approximately 5000 young people. The City of Busselton contains five senior schools and eleven primary schools. 

The City of Busselton's Youth Services team is run by our Youth Development Officer, Angela Griffin and the Youth Development Trainee, Tyson Vincent.  The Youth Services team organise, plan and run events, activities, school holiday programs and youth festivals. The team also allows a safe place for the City of Busselton’s youth to be heard within our community.

Youth Centre

The new Youth Centre is now open, providing activities, games and a generally good time for all. Currently open Wednesday, Thursdays 4-7pm and Fridays 4-8pm, offering a range of activities and a great space for the youth to hang out.


SHIFT is Busselton’s local youth crew. SHIFT is not an acronym; it means to make a positive ‘shift’ in the community. SHIFT is a small team made up of 10 young locals who are aiming to make a positive impact for youth in Busselton. SHIFT provides workshops aimed to upskill our youth and encourage them to engage in community events.  Through SHIFT the City’s youth are able to voice their opinions and gain support to make an impact within our community. Find out more about SHIFT on our Facebook and Instagram pages -

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Rio Tinto

Over the past few years, the City of Busselton and Rio Tinto have created a strong partnership, with Rio Tinto providing the City's Youth Program with vital funding for a wide variety of youth services.

Youth Service Providers

Please see below for a list of Youth Specific Service Providers.

If you have any questions about the Youth Services team and what they do, please contact:

Youth Development Officer
Angela Griffin
Phone: 08 9781 1722

Youth Development Trainee
Anais Kusal
Phone: 08 9781 0405