COVID-19 Hardship Relief


The COVID-19 pandemic is an international, national and local issue that is having far-reaching impacts on people from all walks of life.

Commonwealth, State and Territory governments have invoked a range of emergency powers to deal with both the health and economic impacts of COVID-19.

At a local level, the City understands that COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the residents of our community by the closures and physical (social) distancing measures put in place.

Our local economy relies largely on outside visitors for the tourism and hospitality industry.  A large number of the community’s workforce are casual due to the nature of these major industries.  Therefore individual cash flows and the ability to pay day to day living expenses and debts, including City rates and charges, may be affected.

City assistance

The City is committed to providing a level of assistance, to “help where we can” in easing the impacts being experienced by households as a result of COVID-19.

Council held a special meeting on Wednesday 1 April 2020 and resolved to implement a number of measures to assist the community. To meet these unprecedented challenges, the City considered support to address impacts due to rating, leasing, charges and services.  These measures will be in place for the remainder of the financial year and upon written application.

In finalising the detail of the measures it will put in place, the City will need to balance a large number of competing needs and considerations.  While the City has been well financially managed and is in a sound position to provide assistance, it needs to ensure it plans properly for both the immediate and longer term future. 

Application process

Gathering information, in the form of written applications, as to the nature and extent of challenges that the community faces will be a necessary step in moving towards determining what assistance to provide.  While every application will be considered, it needs to be acknowledged that not every application can necessarily be ‘approved’ (in full or in part).

The City has developed a ‘COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy’ as a guiding resource tool in assessing hardship cases as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy’ can be found here


Getting Started

To help you determine your eligibility for consideration under the Hardship Policy and advance an application a list of instructional FAQs has been compiled.

We strongly recommend you view these FAQs before filling in the application form.