Individual PDF versions of policies of the Council are available within several categories as listed below. 

All enquiries in relation to policies of the Council can be directed to the City on 9781 0444  or at city@busselton.wa.gov.au

Policy Adopted Date Council Resolution
Al Fresco Trading in the Busselton City Centre  12/12/2018 C1812/257
Applications for Exploration or Mining Licences for Coal within the City of Busselton  09/03/2016 C1603/048
Asbestos Management  13/04/2016 C1604/077
Asset Management  14/09/2016 C1609/233
Audio Recording of Council Meetings  26/07/2019 C1906/108
Beaches and Foreshore Areas - Access By Licensed Professional Fishermen  08/11/2017 C1711/273
Building Insurance  14/09/2016 C1609/234
Buildings Control Standard Site Classification Subdivision  13/04/2016 C1604/080
Bush Fire Brigades - Bush Fire Brigade Accounting  12/08/2015 C1508/216
Bush Fire Brigades - Bush Fire Brigade Grievance Process Disciplinary Action  12/08/2015 C1508/216
Bush Fire Brigades - Code of Conduct Bush Fire Brigade Objectives and Values  12/08/2015 C1508/216
Bush Fire Brigades - Meetings of Bush Fire Brigades  12/08/2015 C1508/216
Bush Fire Brigades - Membership of Bush Fire Brigades  12/08/2015 C1508/216
Bush Fire Brigades - Qualifications of Bush Fire Brigade Officers  12/08/2015 C1508/216
Bush Fire Brigades - Roles of Bush Fire Brigade Officers  12/08/2015 C1508/216
Busselton Jetty - Placement of Memorial Plaques  28/06/2017 C1706/001
City Branding  14/11/2018 C1811/221
City Promotion Federal Government Partnerships  12/09/2018 C1809/183
Closed Circuit Television Systems  13/06/2018 C1806/112
Community Engagement and Consultation  09/08/2017 C1708/186
Complaints Handling  12/10/2016 C1610/095
Compliance  12/09/2018 C1809/182
Convening of the Council Following an Election  08/04/2015 C1504/081
Council Property - Granting of Access to Public Venues 
Councillors Induction, Training and Professional Development  24/04/2019 C1904/076
Crossovers  13/02/2019 C1902/019
Customer Service  08/03/2017 C1703/040
Designation of Senior Employees and Acting CEO  24/04/2019 C1904/075
Drainage in Recreation Reserves  12/08/2015 C1508/216
Early Clearance of Subdivisions  27/02/2017 C1902/031
Elected Members Mail Handling  08/03/2017 C1703/037
Engineering Technical Standards and Specifications  13/12/2017 C1712/323
Environment Policy  10/10/2018 C1810/202
Events  14/09/2016 C1609/232
Fees, Allowances and Expenses for Elected Members  12/12/2018 C1812/260
Honorary Freeman of the City of Busselton  12/06/2019 C1906/095
Integrated Directional Information System 
Investment  27/02/2019 C1902/032
Joint Tourism Directional Signs 
Leases of City Land and Buildings  27/07/2016 C1607/167
Legal Representation for Council Members and Employees  08/03/2017 C1703/043
Loans  31/01/2018 C1801/005
Maintenance Bonds for Subdivisions  27/02/2019 C1902/030
Markets  12/11/2014 C1411/282
Meetings, Information Sessions and Decision-making Processes  10/05/2017 C1705/101
Mobile Vendors on the Busselton Jetty  14/06/2017 C1706/127
Naming of City Roads and Assets  12/12/2018 C1812/255
Nature Verges for Urban Areas  10/05/2017 C1705/102
Non-Exclusive Use of City Land and Facilities  C1712/322
Occupational Safety and Health  10/10/2018 C1810/203
Payments and presentations on termination  26/06/2019 C1906/107
Portable Advertising Signs in Public Places  27/03/2019 C1903/051
Private Works Margin  13/04/2016 C1604/077
Private works on City Land including private coastal protection works on City Land  13/02/2019 C1902/020
Purchasing  25/07/2018
Rails to Trails  12/09/2018 C1809/184
Ranger & Emergency Services Approach to Regulatory Functions  12/12/2018 C1812/256
Regional Price Preference  10/10/2018 C1810/201
Rehoming of Impounded Dogs and Cats  14/09/2017 C1709/211
Reinstatement of Works In Road Reserves  13/02/2019 C1902/019
Risk Management  12/12/2018 C1812/259
Shark Hazard Response  14/10/2015 C1510/286
Shelters and Structures on Local Government Property  10/05/2017 C1705/098
Sponsorship  14/10/2015 C1510/284
Urban Art  13/12/2017 C1712/321
Vandalism - Reward for Information relating to the damage of Council Property  10/10/2018 C1810/208
Verge and Public Open Space Improvement - Subdivision  13/12/2017 C1712/323
Waste Collection Service  10/05/2017 C1705/102
Waste Management Facility and Plant Reserve  12/09/2018 C1809/179