Local Cultural Planning Strategy

The City of Busselton adopted a Local Cultural Planning Strategy (LCPS) on the 24th August 2011 and noted by the Western Australian Planning Commission on 25th May 2012.  The aim of the stragegy is to conserve the key cultural elements of the City's towns and rural areas and to maintain these elements over time. In formulating the LCPS, the City recognises the need to protect and nurture community and cultural identity in the face of strong population growth and to manage and protect the quality of life that our community enjoys, whilst welcoming visitors and new residents.

The LCPS will promote and enhance cultural experiences through recognition of the City's cultural values in the strategic planning and approvals process. The LCPS builds upon the relevant recommendations of the City's Cultural Plan 2005 which has been successful in integrating the principles and practice of cultural planning into the organisational culture of the City and the community. The LCPS does not supercede the Cultural Plan but rather will extend its influence and scope in terms of integrating cultural planning into the local land use planning framework and further into core City operational practices.

The LCPS will form a component of the City's local planning framework and will be a strategic tool informing the development and interpretation of the Local Planning Strategy that is currently being prepared and the review of the City's current district town planning scheme. Due regard to the Strategy's recommendations will be given in making planning decisions and in the consideration of rezoning proposals, draft structure plans, development applications and subdivision proposals, as well as policy formulation and review.