Rebuilding the Busselton Jetty and Revitalising the Foreshore

Consultation for the Busselton Jetty and the Foreshore Revitalisation Project commenced in October 2006, with the main focus being on active community engagement in relation to the Foreshore Concept. A comprehensive and effective public consultation strategy has been considered crucial to the success of the project, both to ensure community understanding of the options available, and to allow the team to learn from and be influenced by the community's input.

This report presents the results of the recent round of consultation on the proposals for Rebuilding the Busselton Jetty and Revitalising the Foreshore, and also provides a brief background of the previous consultation undertaken on the Project. A brief summary is provided of the type and origin of the public submissions received in December 2006, followed by an outline of the method of analysis of these submissions and the format and theme of the responses. The consultation results are then presented, along with a qualitative assessment of these results, before conclusions are provided.

The purpose of the request for submissions was to seek feedback from all of Busselton's residents on the Jetty Rebuild and the Foreshore Revitalisation proposals. The findings presented in this report will inform and guide the ongoing planning for the Jetty Rebuild and the Foreshore Revitalisation, by allowing the Working Group an insight into the opinions and aspirations of the local and wider community for the future of Busselton.

Please refer to attached document for further details.