Strategic and Corporate Planning

The City of Busselton has implemented an Integrated Planning Framework that responds to the aspirations and goals of our community and helps us to plan for the future so we can work with the community to meet those goals.  Six (6) important documents comprise our Integrated Planning Framework.

Strategic Community Plan 2017 (Review 2019)

The Strategic Community Plan 2017 (Review 2019) is the City’s overarching plan that guides Council’s decision making on matters affecting our community.

The Plan has six key goal areas: Community; Places and Spaces; Environment; Economy; Transport; and Leadership. Progress of the plan is reported each years in the City’s Annual Report. The Plan is also reviewed every two years to ensure it continues to reflect the community’s aspirations and objectives. The most recent review occurred at the commencement of 2019 in consultation with the community, resulting in some minor amendments to two community objectives and 14 Council strategies.

A summary of the Strategic Community Plan 2017 (Review 2019) can be found below. A comprehensive review of the Plan will begin in the last quarter of 2020.

Corporate Business Plan

Sitting under the Strategic Community Plan is our Corporate Business Plan. 
This plan is a high level, four (4) year schedule of organisational projects, priority actions, services, and performance measurements designed to deliver aspects of the Strategic Community Plan that Council has responsibility for.

Supporting the Corporate Business Plan are resourcing documents that collectively provide information about the revenue, assets, expenditure, staff and time required to support the achievement of our community objectives. These plans contribute toward the production of a resourced and workable Corporate Business Plan.

Long Term Financial Plan - a ten(10) year plan setting out the City’s longer term financial resourcing requirements such that the City can plan for the sustainable delivery of desired services and actions which support Council’s Strategic Community Plan.  The current draft LTFP has been adopted as a guiding document with further remodelling required to take into consideration the impacts of the COVID19 pandemic.

Workforce Plan – a four (4) year plan describing the key strategic human resource requirements needed to provide a skilled, motivated and flexible workforce so that organisational objectives can be achieved;

Asset Management Plan – an overview of City assets and the requirements for the ongoing operation, renewal and refurbishment of assets such as roads, pathways, building, parks and gardens.  This broader plan is supported by detailed plans for each asset category; and 

Annual Budget – containing details of projected spending over the course of the year budgeted.

Other resources that contribute to our Integrated Planning Framework include the policies, plans and documents that influence and underpin the development of the City’s plans. 

Council assesses the progress of the Corporate Business Plan every six (6) months and publishes a yearly progress summary in the Annual Report.