Portable Business Sign Application

A Business Sign is a sign that promotes or advertises a business or other commercial venture in the format of:

  • An ‘A’ or ‘T’ Frame sign  that is self-supporting sign made of rigid, lightweight material that is capable of being easily moved by hand;
  • A Vertical Banner sign made of fabric or similar material with a single mast constructed of carbon-fibre or similar flexible material attached to a weighted base or otherwise anchored to the ground. These are typically marketed as teardrop, feather or blade wing signs.

A Business sign does not include:

  • Fixed directional tourism signs or signs promoting public events (e.g. Concerts and music festivals, motorsport events, sporting events, cultural and community events, shows and fairs, exhibitions, wine and food festivals and surfing events);
  • Signs and advertising devices on or in the vicinity of highways and main roads that come under the control of the Commissioner of Main Roads; or
  • Signs, advertising or otherwise, that are covered under separate legislation (including elections signage), local planning policies or the Local Planning Scheme.

For more information regarding the use of Portable SIgns, please see the City's Portable Advertising Signs in Public Places on the Policies Page.

The Permit holder must maintain a minimum of $10 million Public Liability Insurance. The policy must be able to meet any possible claim which may be sustained against the permit holder or the City of Busselton in relation to the death or injury to any person or property arising out of any activity authorised by the permit.
Please attach any documents, photographs or diagrams to support your application.
I have read and understood the City of Busselton Portable Advertising Signs in Public Places policy and I acknowledge that my application will be refused if it does not comply with the requirements of the Local Law * *

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