Port Geographe Bypass Works


The transportation of sand and seagrass from the area adjacent to the western groyne at the harbour entrance is required on an annual basis to address the unnatural accumulation of seagrass trapped by the groyne and replenish  eroded  beaches to the east.

Following a series of studies, research and computer modelling, State government  committed $28.15m to address the problems caused by the existing groynes.  The recommended solution is a complete reconfiguration of the coastal structures in the Port Geographe area.  A contract for these works was awarded in 2013 and works are now well under way.   It is expected that the works will take in the region of 12-18 months to complete.

The objective of reconfiguring  the groynes is to reshape the coastline and facilitate the natural movement of sand and seagrass from west to east.  It is not expected to completely eradicate the need for mechanical intervention, either in the form of pumping or dredging of seagrass in the future.  However it is hoped that the intrusive and lengthy nature of the previous bypass works programme will be greatly reduced.