Port Geographe Community Consultation Forum Terms of Reference

The Port Geographe Community Consultation Forum was established in April 2009, by the Hon John Day MLA, Minister for Planning:

  1. To provide a point of liaison between the Government, the City of Busselton, the Developers and the local community on Port Geographe issues.
  2. Bring to the Government issues of concern on coastal management, waterway management and other health and environment issues.
  3. Provide the community a mechanism to comment on Port Geographe including but not limited to:
  • Management activities which impact on local residents, including wrack/sand bypassing.
  • Investigatory studies which aim to address the current environmental and engineering issues including beach wrack, bypassing and coastal erosion, and water quality.
  • Proposed infrastructure solutions to the issues, including entrance groyne modifications, other coastal structures at Port Geographe and infrastructure associated with water quality.

The PGCCF is chaired by the Hon Barry House MLC, and frequency of meetings is generally, every 5 to 6 weeks subject to the need arising to meet.

On the 30 September 2010, the third and final meeting of the Port Geographe Sediment and Seagrass Reference Group was facilitated, and a series of conceptual recommendations pertaining to the Port Geographe Development were formulated.

The meeting of PGCCF held on the following day; 1 October 2010, unequivocally endorsed the scope of community stakeholder engagement undertaken by the Port Geographe Sediment and Seagrass Reference Group, and the recommendations arising out of this process.

Subjects of Principle focus for the PGCCF meeting of 01/10/10 were:

  • Tender allocation, and timing of the 2010 works program,(Shire and DOT)     
  • Progress and projected completion date for the sand/sediment study; 2010.   
  • Correlation and comparison of Shire and community H2S data.
  • Engagement and inclusion strategies for Port Geographe residents, stakeholders and interested associate parties 
  • Formulation of correspondence to the Premier, and associated relevant State Government Ministers, seeking resolution to the ongoing and protracted problems inherent to the Port Geographe development

A PGCCF communiqué will be submitted for access by relevant entities, at the conclusion of scheduled PGCCF meetings.