Rates FAQ's

Gross Rental Value (GRV) Landgate Videos

What are local government rates and who pays them?

Why is Council continuing to drive major capital projects?

Why do I pay rates when I don’t use any of Council facilities?

What do my rates pay for?

When will I receive my rate notices?

What happens if I change my address?

How are my rates calculated?

How to object to my rates?

What other charges may be raised in addition to my rates?

Is there any rates rebate/biodiversity incentive?

How is my properties valuation determined?

What can I do if I think the valuation of my property is incorrect?

When will I receive my rates notice?

Can I receive my rates electronically?

What payment methods are available?

What payment options are available?

What can I do if I cannot afford to meet a payment option?

What are overdue rates and rate arrears?

What is the overdue interest rate and how is it calculated?

Am I eligible for a State Government rebate?

Does the City provide complimentary tip passes?