Rates FAQ's

Landgate has produced a series of short videos that explain how Gross Rental Value (GRV) and Unimproved Value (UV) is calculated. You may find these videos helpful in understanding how your rates are set each year.

GRV UV Video Snip.PNG

What is the City’s 2019 rating overview?

What are local government rates and who pays them?

Why is Council continuing to drive major capital projects?

Why do I pay rates when I don’t use any of Council facilities?

What do my rates pay for?

When will I receive my rate notices?

What happens if I change my address?

How are my rates calculated?

How to object to my rates?

What other charges may be raised in addition to my rates?

Is there any rates rebate/biodiversity incentive?

How is my properties valuation determined?

What can I do if I think the valuation of my property is incorrect?

When will I receive my rates notice?

Can I receive my rates electronically?

What payment methods are available?

What payment options are available?

What are the payment due dates?

What can I do if I cannot afford to meet a payment option?

What are overdue rates and rate arrears?

What is the overdue interest rate and how is it calculated?

Am I eligible for a State Government rebate?

Does the City provide complimentary tip passes?