Your Rates Explained

Statement of Rates

Using these pages one can request and pay for a statement setting out the rates of a property (and also request a property information certificate as well or instead of which will give details of what affects the property from all departments).  Normally this request is done through Landgate by settlement agents.  However, where a small agency does not have that facility set up or a person doing their own settlement, they can complete one of these forms.

Download and complete the Application Form located on the Forms & Applications page

Rating Valuations

Objections can be lodged against the accuracy of Council’s rating details or the rating valuations used in assessing rates. This procedure does not negate the normal ratepayer responsibilities to meet payments within the prescribed time limits.  Further information on valuations can be obtained here.          

Objection to Valuations

Objection forms can be found here.

In Person: Landgate, 1 Midland Square, MIDLAND WA

Postal: Valuation Services - PO Box 2222 MIDLAND WA 6936
Phone: 08 9273 7373
Fax: 08 9721 0838


Please contact the Rates Department on 08 9781 0444 or email