Commercial Hire Site Business Opportunities

Please Note: The City of Busselton is currently undertaking a review of all commercial operations in public places as a consequence of growing demand for sites, and a need to balance the supply of sites against the need to support rate-paying businesses in established centres. This includes businesses which are permitted by the City to occupy commercial hire sites on public land. 

The City is a tourism destination and a gateway to the Margaret River Region so it is important to make provision for niche, tourist oriented services. Public areas such as beachside parks and foreshores are assets of natural beauty, and we must protect them from insensitive or inappropriate use and development. Entrepreneurs are regularly putting forward new and different ideas for businesses which they want to operate on public land in areas with high volumes of tourist/recreational activity.

All proposed trading in public places requires the assessment and approval of the City of Busselton prior to operation.

In assessing proposals the City has regard to public safety and access, appropriateness of the activity with the location and nearby uses, to ensure there is minimal conflict with the permanent retail and service base operating in the commercial centres of Dunsborough, Yallingup, Vasse and Busselton.

The aim is to grow local business and enhance the range of services and facilities already on offer at these locations.

To support the realisation of these commercial opportunities, the City has developed a Non-Exclusive Commercial use of City Land Policy. The Policy aims to promote the use of popular locations for temporary businesses that will complement existing businesses and help activate frequently visited locations. Commercial Hire Site means a location in a public place where a business of a non-permanent nature is permitted to operate and are subject to minimum core and extended trading periods.

Core trading period means mid-December to mid-February. Extended trading period means early-December to mid-December, mid-February to 30 April, gazetted school holidays, public holidays and public holiday weekends.

Commercial Hire Site applications may be considered for several weeks or a longer period of up to three years, subject to annual review. Successful submissions must complement existing businesses and hire site uses. It important to note that pre-booked events will take precedence over the Commercial Hire Site permits. In these instances an alternative location for the commercial hire site business may be offered during the event time. This will be subject to approval.

Additionally, the City of Busselton Trading in Public Places Policy guides the operation of Mobile Food Premises that do not require a stationery designated location from which to trade, such as an ice-cream street vendor that drives the streets only stopping to serve customers. 

For more information on commercial trading on public land refer to Council Policy 249 Non-Exclusive Use of City Land and Facilities

For information regarding these Commercial Hire Sites or Commercial Development Sites please contact the City’s Economic Development Team 08 9781 0444 or email