Street Tree Application

The Street Tree Programme aims to protect and expand our urban tree canopy in our residential areas. Through the programme, trees are supplied and planted on the verge at no cost to residents. Residents can help the City by assisting their street tree to establish. If there is a problem with a street tree please contact the City.

Street trees give architectural value, providing an established and more relaxed feel to an area. They provide shade and shelter and help to reduce summer water use. They bring life to an area by providing feeding and nesting places for wildlife and can even help to improve property values.

The City takes requests for street trees year round. Planting of the trees only occurs in winter (July/August). There is a limited number of trees available each year. If your request for a tree(s) cannot be accommodated this winter, your request will be prioritised for planting the following year.

UPDATE - Please be advised that requests for street tree planting in winter 2019 has closed and planting will commence in July. Any further requests will be registered and prioritized for planting in winter 2020.

Please provide information in the fields below to complete your request for a street tree(s). If you received a letter promoting the street tree program and do not want a street tree please fill out the mandatory fields below and check the box ‘No, would not like a tree’.


Having trouble filling out this form? You can print off a hard copy form using the document linked below, or call 9781 474.

Street Tree Request/Decline Form

You may have received a letter from the City of Busselton inviting you to participate. If you have, please enter the reference number located on the letter.
If more than one owner, please enter all owners names.
Mobile or landline of primary owner for contacting.
This is the address of the property where the tree's may or may not be planted.
Would you like trees planted on the property verge?

Tree Selection

Are you willing to water tree(s) while they are establishing?

Are there any Power Lines on your verge?

Enter the number of trees required in the fields below. The number of trees available per residence is guided by the length of your road frontage boundary (in metres) divided by 10 metres. Clicking on the tree names will open a new window to provide a description of that tree.

Tree Placement

Do you have a preference for the planting location of the tree(s) on the verge? If yes, enter tree planting location preference and/or any instructions for planting below, otherwise leave to the City to decide best location. Describe location(s) looking in the direction of your house from the road. E.g. left, middle, right, next to left or right boundary, just left/right of driveway
Please Note: The City will endeavour to carry out planting in all preferred locations wherever possible. However, there may be factors such as location of utilities and/or driveway setbacks that could impact on the preferred location(s) causing either the location to be changed or planting may not to be able to carried at all.