Update August 2014

Busselton Foreshore Development Guide Plan

The proposed modified Busselton Foreshore Master Plan (BFMP) and Development Guide Plan (DGP) for the Special Purpose (Busselton Foreshore) zone was adopted for final approval by the Council at its meeting on 9 July 2014.  The DGP was forwarded to the Western Australian Planning Commission in July 2014 for endorsement.  Their decision is anticipated by September 2014.   (The DGP can be found by clicking on the link below).

 The BFMP and DGP set the broader land use and direction for the area and provide the planning framework for detailed consideration of any development proposal on the site. 

Commonwealth and State Government Approval for Clearing on the Busselton Foreshore  

The Busselton Foreshore project was referred to the (then) Commonwealth Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water Population and Communities (DSEWPC) in April 2013 for assessment.  During this process the CoB amended the Busselton Foreshore Master Plan to provide for an 1100 m long wildlife corridor along the southern boundary of the project area between Queen Street and Georgette Street. 

On 30 June 2014 the Commonwealth Department of the Environment decided to grant approval to the City of Busselton (CoB) for the project and to clear not more than 30 native peppermint trees (Agonis flexuosa) from the site.

Concurrent with this process, the CoB applied to the Western Australian Department of Environment Regulation (DoE) for a permit to clear native vegetation under the WA Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act). This permit was approved by the DoE on 28 November 2013. Following an Appeals process an amended permit to clear native vegetation under Section 51E of the EP Act 1986 was granted.  This clearing permit is for clearing of the same 30 native peppermint trees outlined in the Commonwealth approval.  As part of this approval the CoB has been required to establish and maintain 43 Agonis flexuosa within Lot 324 on Reserve 8485 at the corner of Georgette Street and Marine Terrace.

To date as part of its redevelopment of the Busselton foreshore the City has planted additional Peppermint trees on the border of Barnard Park West  - Geographe Bay Road side; and also on the Marine Terrace perimeter. There will be additional plantings on Lot 324.  In addition, there has been understorey plants (Lepidosperma gladiatum) planted on Barnard Park West on the  Geographe Bay Road side.



Within the 1100 m wildlife corridor the CoB intends to plant further  Peppermint trees and understory plants when completed. These trees and plants will be concentrated in nodes particularly around existing Western Ringtail Possum habitat, and sparser in the treed connective canopy areas.

This is seen as a positive environmental outcome from the Busselton Foreshore Redevelopment.

Barnard Park East Oval

Work  is now underway on the Eastern Oval


Brown Street Extension

Preparatory work on the beach end of the Brown Street extension has started and Marine Terrace and the Western Power connection to Brown Street extension  is currently being undertaken.