Busselton Senior Citizens Centre Upgrade & Expansion

Project Status

Under construction

Key Dates

The new facility will be completed in August 2020.

About the Project

Based on predictions, the Busselton Senior Citizens Centre membership could increase by over 200 new members per year.  

In September 2017, following extensive consultation with key stakeholders on the building's requirements, Lotterywest agreed to contribute to the upgrade and expansion of the Busselton Senior Citizens Centre.

We are excited to deliver a new facility that includes:

  • A new hall
  • Changes to the dining area
  • Library relocation
  • All new staff offices, bathrooms and entry foyer
  • Roof upgrade
  • Services upgrade (power, water, telecoms, etc)

The new facility will meet current and future needs for Busselton's over 65 population.

The Busselton Senior Citizens Centre helped to design the new facility.

This project is being jointly funded by:

  • City of Busselton 
  • Lotterywest
  • Busselton Senior Citizens Centre

The new facility will be completed in August 2020.

Access to construction areas is strictly prohibited.

 BSCC 200716.jpg

Image: The new hall under construction (photo taken late July 2020).

Senior Citizens Detailed Design.png

Image: This is what the new Busselton Senior Citizens Centre will look like. Grey shaded areas indicate planned upgrades.