Local Road Network Upgrades

Project Overview

The City of Busselton has commenced planning for the upgrade of the Busselton local road network to enhance safety for all road users and improve traffic efficiency.

The Council has adopted a strategic direction based on traffic studies, plans and policies to enable the City to proceed with upgrading the local road network that will service Busselton well into the future. The direction is based on the outcomes of the Busselton Traffic Study and environmental advice, and prioritises upgrades that address current and future traffic demands.

A number of road upgrade options are in the preliminary planning and concept design phase and will have undergone and will continue to undergo extensive traffic modelling. The designs are also required to meet traffic permeability criteria, which permits and promotes


Subject to funding and relevant agency approvals, upgrade works proposed for 2017 - 2027 include:

  1. Development of an Eastern Link connecting Causeway Road to Peel Terrace via a bridge or culvert crossing from Rosemary Drive / Causeway Road to Peel Terrace (between Stanley Place and Cammilleri Street). This link road will provide East Busselton and Geographe-bound traffic with a more direct route. Indicative estimated cost $3.8M This project costing excludes potential land acquisition, relocation of services, draining and landscaping.
  2. Duplication of Causeway Road (Stage 1) between Albert Street and Strelly Street including widening the existing bridge over the Vasse River. This will double the capacity of the existing road and bridge. Indicative estimated cost $ 1.5M - $ 3M
  3. Modifications to the intersection at the junction of Causeway Road, Peel Terrace, Albert Street and Queen Street. This involves revising the existing intersection complex to improve traffic flow into the CBD. Indicative estimated cost $ 1.5M - $3M
  4. Upgrades to Strelly Street, Barlee Street and West Street (Stage 1). This involves construction of two new roundabouts, one at the junction of Strelly Street/Barlee Street and another at the intersection of Barlee Street/West Street and Frederick Street. This will provide an alternative access to the CBD via Bussell Bypass/Strelly Street – Barlee Street then onto West Street. Indicative estimated cost $ 3.1M - $ 4M

Project Purpose and Objectives

  • Enhance road safety for all road users
  • Improve traffic efficiency for current and future traffic demands
  • Support regional and local economic development
  • Involve all stakeholders and consider their interests
  • Provide value for money
  • Minimise impact on the environment

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

The City of Busselton is committed to working with key stakeholders and residents to communicate the planning, design and implementation of the local road network upgrades and will conduct project briefing sessions and individual meetings with any stakeholder wishing to learn more about the project.

Project Overview Map_final060417.jpg

Short-term options

Identified for detailed design and construction within a 10 year timeframe include:
  • Construction of Eastern Link; connecting Causeway Road via a bridge or culvert crossing to Peel Terrace (between Stanley Place and Cammilleri Street);
  • Duplication of Causeway Road between Albert Street and Strelly Street;
  • Upgrade of intersections Causeway Road/Peel Terrace/Albert Street/Queen Street intersection;
  • Upgrades to Peel Terrace between Stanley Place and Cammilleri Street;
  • Upgrades to Strelly/Barlee/West Streets - Stage 1

Long-term options

  • Identified for investigation within a 10 - 25 year timeframe include:
  • Duplication of Causeway Road between Strelly Street and Busselton Bypass;
  • Duplication of Fairway Drive;
  • Ford Road options;
  • Upgrades to Strelly/Barlee/West Streets - Stage 2
To view the entire suite of documentation including, FAQ’s, project overview sheets, detailed maps please visit Your Say Busselton at www.yoursay.busselton.wa.gov.au