The City of Busselton is planning to meet the challenges of a fast growing community.  A profile of the demography and economy of the district can be found here and includes the following economic indicators:

  • Gross regional product
  • Productivity
  • Industry structure
  • Economic diversity
  • Business investment(including total/average turnover)
  • Population
  • Demographic profile
  • Labour market
  • Private consumption and investment
  • Property market
  • Tourism
  • Transport
  • Public investment and other developments
  • Economic growth
  • Regional productivity
  • Employment ratios
  • Index of economic diversity
  • Growth in dwelling approvals
  • Employment growth
  • Average business turnover
  • Unemployment
  • Economic Profile Text

An online dashboard showing a summary of local economic and demographic conditions can be viewed here.

Busselton Local Economy Dashboard: Online Tool