The City of Busselton Environmental Health Team inspects public accommodation including Caravan Parks and Lodging Houses on a regular basis. These premises are required to be licenced with the City and renewed annually.

Lodging Houses

To obtain registration you are required to submit an application for a lodging house with the City, this registration can be transferred if the property is sold. To find out more information on the requirement of a lodging house please refer to Health Local Laws.  Please note planning and building approvals may also apply, contact the relevant department for more information

Caravan Parks

If you are considering constructing a park home, patio, annexe, carport or any other structure within an exsiting caravan park you are required to apply for approval from the City of Busselton.

A Park Home is defined as a transportable dwelling, having a chassis, axles and wheels adequate to bear the weight of the park home or component of the park home to which they are attached, and can be drawn by another vehicle without structural alteration or damage to the park home.

However prior to seeking City approval please discuss your proposal with the caravan park manager and read the below guidelines ensuring all required documents are included with application.

Camping on Private Land

The WA caravan parks and camping grounds legislation specifies the length of time a person can camp on land which they own or are legally permitted to camp on. The legislation states a person may camp for no longer than three consecutive days in any 28-day period. The rationale behind this is to effectively manage public health concerns such as potable water supply and liquid and solid waste disposal as well as the need to provide a minimum habitable standard.

If you need more information, please phone 9781 0444 and ask to speak to someone in Environmental Health