Existing Septic Systems

Plans for existing septic systems

If you have an existing septic system but are not sure where it is located on the property, the City may have records of plans. There is a fee associated with the retrieval and copy of septic plans. To request copies of septic plans, please submit the Application – septic system plan request. Please note that request of an archived file may take up to 10 business days.

Decommissioning an existing septic system

If you want to discontinue use of your septic tank and connect to sewer, it is recommended that you 'decommission' the system. Decommissioning is recommended as disused systems can become unstable over time and collapse. Decommissioning is mandatory in certain circumstances, the Guidelines – Decommissioning of a Septic System details when decommissioning a septic is required.

Notification of Decommissioning of a Septic Apparatus and certificate signed by the contractor must be provided to the City of Busselton to verify that the septic system has been decommissioned.