Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes

The City of Busselton is one of the fastest growing regions in Western Australia and remains one of the State's top tourist attraction with may visitors choosing to stay in Holiday Homes. To regulate and manage Holiday Homes the City has implemented Holiday Home Local Laws to assist in the enjoyable amenity for visitors and residents alike.

New Application

If you are considering making your home available for short term rental, you are required to apply to the City of Busselton to change the status of your property from ‘residential’ to ‘holiday home’.  Registration of a Holiday Home may attract a property rate increase due to this change of use.

This is done as a two-step process:

1. Submit a Planning Development Application  - Please refer to Holiday Homes Information Package 

2. Submit an Application for Registration of a Holiday Home with Environmental Health Services

The Application for Registration of a Holiday Home must be made by, or on behalf of, the owner of the Holiday Home and signed by all owners.

Change of Ownership 

If a change of ownership occurs and the property is to continue operating as a holiday home, completion by the new owners of a Application for Registration of a Holiday Home is required.

Change of Manager


Holiday Homes are required to nominate a manager and acting manager who accept responsibility for being contacted at any time day or night and responding within a reasonable timeframe, no greater than 24 hours. Changes to the nominated  manager or acting manager must be notified within 24 hours, all owners are required to sign the Change of Manager/Acting Manager form.

Please check carefully to ensure you have submitted all required information as listed on each form as incomplete applications will be returned. Application fees apply and are listed on each form.

If the information or document that you are looking for is not here, please phone 9781 0444 and ask to speak to Environmental Health Services.