Mosquito Control

 Mosquito Control Activities in the City of Busselton

Mosquitoes can pose a nuisance and serious health risk to the community by transmitting Ross River and Barmah Forest Viruses.

The City of Busselton has a comprehensive mosquito management program in place involving monitoring, treatment and communication activities.  These activities occur annually with the mosquito season commencing in August and concluding in January.

Monitoring activities include:

- Visually checking and counting the larvae numbers in wetlands and salt marshes throughout the City;

- Setting carbon dioxide and light traps to catch and count the number of adult mosquitoes present.  

     Checking for larva.png                   Setting adult monitoring traps.png

                       Checking for larva                                                            Setting adult monitoring traps

Where significant numbers of mosquito larva and adults are found, treatment activities are conducted.

Treatment activities include:

- Aerial application using a helicopter of non-toxic larvicide into the water in the wetlands that specifically targets mosquito larvae.  The helicopter may on occasions be seen flying low near residential areas close to wetlands;


- Hand application of larvicide in some stagnant water bodies.

While control activities help reduce mosquito numbers, mosquitoes are a fact of life here in the south west and will always be present.  The best way to protect yourself is to avoid being bitten.

Communication activities include:

- Promotion of the 'Fight the Bite' message which encourages people to avoid being bitten by applying a personal repellent containing DEET or picaridin on any exposed skin and wearing loose-fitting long sleeve shirts and long pants.

  Fight the Bite.jpg  

For further information about mosquitoes and how to Fight the Bite please visit

For further information on how to repel and control mosquitoes around your home please visit the link below.