Construction Noise

Construction work being conducted Monday to Saturday between 7.00am and 7.00pm, is exempt from the assigned noise levels in the noise regulations. Noise from construction sites is not exempt from the assigned levels after these hours or on a Sunday or public holiday. This means if you are being subjected to noisy construction work being conducted on a construction site before 7.00am, after 7.00pm or on a Sunday or public holiday, you can formally lodge a complaint with us using the Noise Investigation Package  or calling 9781 0444 and asking to speak to someone in Environmental Health.

In instances where construction work is required to be conducted outside these hours, a Reg 13 application must be made to the Chief Executive Officer. Application and approvals of out-of-hours construction work must meet certain criteria including notification of affected residents.

Radios and stereo systems on construction sites are not exempt and must comply at all times with the assigned noise levels.

If you need more information, please phone 9781 0444 and ask to speak to someone in Environmental Health.