Poultry and Health Local Laws

chickens.jpgThe City's Health Local Laws restrict and regulates the keeping of poultry and birds in residential zones. Poultry includes fowls, peafowls, turkeys, geese, ducks and other domestic fowls.

An owner or occupier of premises must comply with the following conditions when keeping poultry on any premises within residential zones:

  • A properly constructed enclosure must be provided. The poultry are to be kept in this enclosure at all times;
  • Poultry are not to exceed 20 in number;
  • Poultry are not to be kept within 12 metres of any dwelling house;
  • All enclosures are to be maintained in a clean condition;
  • No roosters are to be kept

Should you wish to make a complaint regarding a person keeping poultry or would like further information regarding the keeping of poultry, pigeons, bees, or large animals, please phone 9781 0444 and ask to speak to someone in Environmental Health or take a look at our guideline for the keeping of poultry and birds.