Trading in Public Places

Please Note:-The City of Busselton is currently undertaking a review of all commercial operations in public places as a consequence of growing demand for sites, and a need to balance the supply of sites against the need to support rate-paying businesses in established centres.  This includes proposals which are considered according to Trading in Public Places procedures.

The City is a tourism destination and a gateway to the Margaret River region so it is important to make provision for niche, tourist oriented services.  Public areas such as beachside parks and foreshores are assets of natural beauty, and we must protect them from insensitive or inappropriate use and development.  Entrepreneurs are regularly putting forward new and different ideas for businesses which they want to operate on public land in areas with high volumes of tourist activity.

The City is not considering new proposals until this review is concluded. Following the review of the policy it is expected guidelines for all traders may be prepared to better shape the operation of commercial operations to meet tourism and landscape objectives. 

All proposed trading in public places requires the assessment and approval of the City of Busselton prior to operation.  This will not change.

In assessing proposals the City has regard to public safety and access, appropriateness of the activity with the location and nearby uses, to ensure there is minimal conflict with the permanent retail and service base operating in the commercial centres of Dunsborough, Yallingup, Vasse and Busselton.

Once the review is completed a revised information sheet will explain the new procedure.  

If the information that you are looking for is not here, please phone 9781 0444 and ask to speak to someone in Environmental Health.