Nature Verge

Are you getting tired of watering your lawn? How about installing a Nature Verge! Street verges account for a surprisingly large amount of land within the City of Busselton and allow room for public services such as water and power. Many of the City of Busselton's verges are irrigated lawn, which require significant maintenance and use large amounts of water and fertiliser. In a drying climate, it is important now more than ever to identify ways in which we can reduce our water use. Replacing large areas of lawn with mulch and native plant species is a simple solution.

Would you like to do your bit for the environment while making your front yard look beautiful? You could even save time and money. Your first step is to download the City of Busselton Nature Verge brochure by clicking on the link below. It is also available at the City Offices, Geocatch, Busselton-Dunsborough Environment Centre or participating nurseries.

Then you'll need to decide which plants you would like to use and how you would like to design your Nature Verge. We've put together an approved species list to assist you in your choice. What you need to remember is that all plants have to be less than 75 cm at maturity and do not contain sharp edges or poisonous properties. We also strongly encourage the use of native species. Environmental weeds and plants requiring significant watering will not be accepted.

Installing verge plantings of any type (except for lawn) requires permission from the City so that we can ensure that designs are not hazardous and do not interfere with pedestrian safety or motorists line-of-sight. So you will need to submit a Nature Verge Installation Form to the City before undertaking any work.

A demonstration garden has been installed in front of the City of Busselton's Offices, on Strelly Street in the Light Industrial Area and in front of the Busselton Youth and Community Centre on Bussell Highway so feel free to go and check it out if you are not sure how to design your Nature Verge. The brochure also contains examples of landscape designs.