Friends of Reserves

The City of Busselton recognises the valuable contribution volunteers make to the management and enhancement of the natural environment and ensuring that volunteers are encouraged, supported and recognised is a priority for the City of Busselton. 

The purpose of the Environmental Management and Engagement Strategy (EVMES) is to set the strategic direction for increased community engagement and building the capacity of the community to respond effectively and positively to environmental challenges. 

Fundamental to increased community engagement is the provision of opportunity and new ways for the community to be involved in caring for our natural environment. The directions in the strategy recognise that new forms of volunteering are emerging and the way in which people want to volunteer is also changing. 

The initiates outlined in the Strategy include the development of volunteer support systems, building volunteer connections, providing safe systems and practises, training and importantly recognition of the volunteer contribution to the enhancement of the environment for the benefit of our community. 

The protection and enhancement of the natural environment is a shared responsibility within our community and with the right balance of leadership, collaboration, direct action, consultation and education, our community can work together to preserve our unique environment. 

There are a number of active Friends of Reserves Groups within the City of Busselton.  For information on Friends of Reserve Groups and how you can get involved in projects to help conserve and protect our natural environment contact the City’s Environment/Volunteer Officer Kay Lehman at or phone 97810721.