Geographe Bay Foreshore Management Plan

The Geographe Bay foreshore is a dynamic coastal environment that has been subject to phases of erosion and progradation over the past few decades. An ongoing series of issues, such as building developments being threatened, led to considerable debate about the future management of the coast.

There is presently a high rate of proposed urban development, particularly for residential and tourism. Land use pressures along the coast are expected in the future.

There have been a number of studies of the Geographe Bay coast in the past. These have examined foreshore movements, seagrass, boat launching and building setbacks. To date there has been no overall coastal management plan to identify priority issues, develop an integrated strategy and prepare a schedule of priorities.

In 1999, the City of Busselton, in partnership with the Geographe Catchment Council, was given a CoastCare Grant to assist with the preparation of a foreshore management plan for the Geographe Bay coast. In October 1999, CoastWise was commissioned to prepare The Geographe Bay Foreshore Management Plan.