Summary Report on the Ecological Values of 52 Selected Reserves in the

Summary Report on the Ecological Values of 52 Selected Reserves in the City of Busselton 2006-2008

Ecosystem Solutions Pty Ltd was contracted by the City of Busselton to undertake an ecological review of 30 bushland reserves during 2007. The project was developed in partnership with the South West Biodiversity Project (SWBP), coordinated by the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA).

The project involved a desktop analysis and a field assessment of the values of each reserve. Structural vegetation communities were identified and mapped, along with major disturbances, such as major weed areas, clearing of vegetation, rubbish dumping and tracks. The reserves were then prioritised utilising a prioritisation spreadsheet, provided by the South West Biodiversity Project.

This report summarises the findings of this process. It reports on the ecological significance of the reserves and identifies and summarises the priority management actions relevant within each of the reserves, including an overview of the major weeds present within them. It is important to note that the surveys were intended to provide sufficient data to enable a broad ecological comparison to be made of the targeted reserves, not an itemised inventory of flora and fauna species present within them.

The report combines the two year’s results into a single suite of rankings and priority actions for 52 of the City’s bushland reserves using the SWBP criteria.