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Bush Fire Hazard Risk

Bushfires happen every summer; they can start suddenly and without warning. If you live in or near bushland you need to understand the risks and dangers that bushfires cause. For more information, download a fact sheet from the DFES website

A designated bushfire prone area is an area that has been identified and designated by the Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1998 (as amended). Such areas are identified on the Map of Bush Fire Prone Areas. Designation of an area as being bushfire prone reflects the potential of bushfire to affect that site. It acts as a mechanism for initiating further assessment in the planning and building processes.



Major emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life and can come in many forms, or types of hazards, including, bushfire, severe storm, flooding and major road transport crashes.

The City of Busselton faces the potential risk of a variety of emergencies, natural and man-made, due to the combination of the City of Busselton's topographical features and land development.

The way we prepare for these events can make the difference between them being an emergency that is managed without unnecessary loss, or a disaster that has major effects on life, property and the environment.

History shows that to minimise the occurrence and the impact of emergencies, we need to remove the common elements of disasters by acknowledging;

  • The inevitability of severe events;
  • That emergency services may not be able to immediately meet all individual and community needs;
  • That people with special needs require additional support; and
  • That prepared communities are less likely to suffer consequences of severe disasters, and are more able to recover from them.

This guide applies to the philosophy of shared responsibility to all hazards, and provides information on how you can be better prepared.

This means that all emergency service agencies, support organisations and the community of the City have a role to play in preventing, preparing, responding to, and recovering from disasters.

This guide provides important practical prevention information for general emergencies, and specific hazards considered significant in the City of Busselton; and important practical information about how to prepare for incidents such as bush fire, severe storms, house fire and information relating to the support agencies involved in those emergencies.

Development of this guide has been enabled by funding by the Australian Federal Government through the 'Working together to Manager Emergencies (WTME)' program.

City of Busselton Bushfire Risk Management Plan 2019-2024

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